Sandia National Labs Academic Alliance Collaboration Report 2020-2021

Everyone has encountered scheduling problems, but the Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory (NETL) at UT Austin helped Sandia work around a significant one in the fall. NETL functioned as a supplemental test facility to alleviate scheduling issues at the Annular Core Research Reactor. Over five days, more than 21 test items were irradiated in a total of 40 weapons survivability experiments. This work supported several mission campaigns, including nuclear deterrence, satellites, and High-G accelerometer tests. In addition, Sandia is exploring enhancements to allow for more tailored spectrums at NETL. TEACHING LAB STEPPED IN AS TEST FACILITY WHEN SANDIA’S RESEARCH REACTOR SCHEDULE BACKED UP

Pictured: Researcher John Hall stands near Sandia National Laboratories’ Annular Core Research Reactor where scientists discovered a way to make medical isotopes.


2020-2021 Collaboration Report

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