Sandia Labs FY21 LDRD Annual Report


Newly Promoted Senior Scientist Highlights

Gregory Tipton

Stephanie Hansen

Dr. Gregory Tipton led the creation of the integrated engineering sciences analysis and experimental capabilities that transformed the nuclear deterrence enterprise quali- fication methods

Dr. Stephanie Hansen, a world leader in atomic physics and x-ray spectroscopy modeling and Fellow of the American Physical Society, has applied her expertise to a broad range of research areas, including

and also contributed to LDRD projects focused on nuclear weapons surety. He currently provides technical leadership to the Engineering Sciences Research Foundation (ESRF), which manages the Engineering Sciences LDRD portfolio and oversees the mentoring of new PIs in this area. Of his contributions to the LDRD program, Tipton says – “Being a part of the ESRF allows me to see the breadth of technical work going on at the laboratories. It also enables me to help guide early career researchers, while helping to align research and development (R&D) to critical mission areas.”

inertial confinement fusion, radiation effects sciences, high energy density physics, and astrophysics. Hansen has led numerous LDRD projects at Sandia. Reflecting on her experience with LDRD, she noted – “In my years at Sandia, I’ve always tried to be engaged with at least one LDRD project. I see LDRD as the lifeblood of the laboratories, giving oxygen to the creative, generative science that helps us keep pace with a dynamic world. In many cases, these past LDRDs explored new ideas that became the foundation of today’s programmatic work while keeping scientists engaged with and excited about their work.”



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