Sandia Labs FY21 LDRD Annual Report


• Novel detection mechanisms assess aerosol-cloud interactions • Impacting future nuclear deterrence products through new unique discriminators • Ultra-high-resolution electron scattering apparatus enables advanced studies of electron interactions with gas molecules and temporal evolution of plasmas

nine early- and mid-career Sandians that I knew and respected. They came from five different divisions and mostly did not know one another. I asked them to think about research they would like to collaborate on that involved three elements: rigorous mathematics and statistics, modern computer science, and application to at least one mission area where the team had passion. They were left to decide on a PI, a project to propose, and a research plan. I loved watching the core team of five researchers come together to build a project that was compelling from a technical standpoint, and highly relevant to the climate challenge we are all facing. I love to see the team members continuing to collaborate on a range of interesting and impactful research projects.“ Read more about Simonson’s promotion to the esteemed rank of Sandia Fellow.

Computer scientist Jenny Galasso discusses her Exploratory Express LDRD research proposal data with fellow computer scientist Kurt Larson, a “coach” in a Sandia research club. (Photo by Nicholas Kerekes)



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