Sandia Labs FY21 LDRD Annual Report


Project Highlights – Technical Vitality .

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Table-top XUV/VUV radiation instruments will enable study of fast chemical transformations.. Developing engineered bioremediation technologies for breaking down waste. .

First step toward understanding device-aware probabilistic neural networks..

Ultra-high-resolution electron scattering apparatus advances study of electron interactions with gas molecules and temporal evolution of plasmas. . Novel capability will enable researchers to tackle ongoing questions of gas-surface chemistry.. Engineering the future of renewable biofuels/bioproducts through phycoviruses. .

New antibody capable of detecting genome editors..

Multiple applications to benefit from distributed-in-time techniques for optimization at extreme scales (DITTO-X). .

Analyzing complex datasets through quantum manifold learning. .

Increasing computing performance through high-precision sparse and dense analog matrix multiplication..

Risk-adaptive experimental design for high-consequence systems..

Adapting secure multiparty computation to support machine learning in radio frequency sensor networks.. Assessing cognitive impacts of errors from machine learning and deep learning models on human cognitive performance. .

Anticipating group dynamics through emergent recursive multiscale interaction. .

ASCeND project provides mathematical tools to discretize models.. Novel detection mechanisms assess aerosol-cloud interactions..

A synthetic opioid detector technology..

Addressing aging mechanisms in harsh environments. . Predicting stability of infrastructure following disasters.. Evaluating metabolic energy for black molds.. Saliva mimicking medium for use in viral studies..

New approach for fundamental mechanism discovery in polymer upcycling.. New radiofrequency acoustic wave mixer to enable all-acoustic signal processors. .

Quantum-secure optical fence for physical security. .

Sensing what cannot be seen through advanced neutron imaging technology. . Dissipating advanced satellite systems heat load with a new thermal interface material. . Using atomic precision advanced manufacturing to unlock computing hardware functionality.. Next generation strategically radiation hard computing. . Fundamental mechanisms of friction evolution in lamellar solids.. Developing novel structural metamaterials to mitigate harsh environments.. Leveraging spin-orbit coupling in heterostructures for quantum information transfer.. Using defects in diamonds to protect against counterfeiting and assess the behavior of electronic devices. . Instantaneous 3D temperature measurements via ultrafast laser spectroscopy with structured light..

Impacting the nanotherapeutics community via zeolitic imidazolate frameworks. .

A fast-cycle charge noise measurement for better qubits..

Realizing high temperature superconductivity near ambient conditions in metal hydrides..

Developing methods for modeling and making predictions about individualdifferences in human cognition. .

Machine learning for correlated intelligence..

Germanium telluride chalcogenide switches for radio frequency (RF) applications.. Using additive manufacturing to rapidly develop specialized alloys for spray processing. . Developing integrated cybersecurity safety and security models for energy systems. .

Distributed energy resource honeypots and canaries. .



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