Sandia Labs FY21 LDRD Annual Report


LDRD PROGRAM OVERVIEW Sandia is a federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) dedicated to developing and applying advanced science and engineering capabilities to mitigate national security threats. This is accomplished through the exceptional staff leading research at the Labs and partnering with universities and companies. Sandia’s LDRD program funds foundational, leading-edge discretionary research projects that cultivate and utilize core science, technology, and engineering (ST&E) capabilities. Per Congressional intent (P.L. 101-510) and Department of Energy (DOE) guidance (DOE Order 413.2C, Chg 1), Sandia’s LDRD program is crucial to maintaining the nation’s scientific and technical vitality and enhancing the Labs’ ability to address future mission needs. LDRD Program Objectives Sandia’s LDRD program objectives align with DOE Order 413.2C and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) guidance. The Mission Agility and Technical Vitality objectives are supported by the Workforce Development objective, which is a critical element to affect, grow, and leverage the technical experts needed to execute R&D projects.

Sandia’s LDRD Program Structure Sandia’s LDRD investments are structured around three Program Areas further broken down into Investment Areas (IAs). Each IA responsible for discipline- or mission-based research priorities set by Sandia’s leadership. The LDRD program structure aligns LDRD investments with Sandia strategy and future national security mission needs.



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