Sandia Labs FY21 LDRD Annual Report


LDRD Investment Area Roles Research Foundations: Research Foundations (RF) steward discipline-based science, technology, and engineering competencies that address the extensive national security challenges within Sandia’s mission space. Each RF stewards differentiating or unique capabilities in one of seven critical areas. • Bioscience • Computing and Information Sciences • Earth Science • Engineering Sciences • Materials Science • Nanodevices and Microsystems • Radiation, Electrical, and High Energy Density Science

Mission Foundations: Sandia oversees five major portfolios that address national security mission challenges. Mission Foundations (MF) align with the portfolios and conduct the applied research needed to develop capabilities and

demonstrate solutions. • Nuclear Deterrence • National Security Programs • Global Security • Energy & Homeland Security • Advanced Science & Technology

Strategic Initiatives: Strategic Initiatives (SI) promote strategic collaborations and CRO/Labs- directed initiatives. SI include Grand Challenge projects to solve major research challenges that require large multidisciplinary teams; Mission Campaign IAs to move ST&E intentionally from idea to mission impact; Exploratory Express to execute short-term projects of strategic importance; and New Ideas to pioneer fundamental R&D to discover game-changing breakthroughs. These initiatives also support strategic academic collaborations (111 in FY2021) and both the Harry S. Truman and Jill Hruby Postdoctoral Distinguished Fellowships.



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