Sandia Labs FY21 LDRD Annual Report


Early Career Awards and Honors

Drew Kouri receives DOE Early Career Research Award. Drew Kouri received the FY21 DOE Early Career Research Award for his Advanced Scientific Computing Research proposal on adaptive and fault-tolerant algorithms for data-driven optimization, design and learning. Since 2015, Drew served as PI for several LDRDs, including his current project focused on the fusion of simulation and experimental data.

FY21 Hruby and Truman Postdoctoral Fellowships Jill Hruby Postdoctoral Fellowship

The LDRD-funded Jill Hruby Postdoctoral Fellowship was established in 2017 to encourage outstanding women with PhDs in technical fields to consider leadership in national security. Jill Hruby, the Under Secretary of Energy of the United States, was the first woman to lead a national security laboratory and

served as Sandia’s director from 2015 to 2017. Elizabeth “Bette” Webster – FY21 Hruby Fellow

Bette Webster focused her PhD research at Stanford University on viral membrane platforms and host- pathogen interactions. Her work in fundamental studies is focused on gaining a better understanding of membrane entry mechanisms, which then can be used in technologies to address future viral threats. Bette has been widely published in journals such as ACS Central Science, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Journal of the American Chemical Society , and Energy & Fuels . Her fellowship research at Sandia’s Biotechnology and Bioengineering department focuses on developing model membrane platforms to characterize enveloped virus entry and membrane-based delivery systems. (Photo by Randy Wong) Harry S. Truman Postdoctoral Fellowship Sandia established the three-year fellowship, funded by LDRD, to attract the nationally recognized PhD scientists and engineers. Truman Fellows conduct independent groundbreaking research that supports Sandia’s national security mission. Nils Otterstrom – FY21 Truman Fellow Nils Otterstrom received his PhD in Applied Physics at Yale, and his research focuses on harnessing inter-

modal nonlinearities for flexible room temperature integrated quantum photonics. He has published in numerous journals including Optica, Science Advances, APL Photonics, The Journal of Lightwave Technology , and Science Advances . His most recent article, “Electrically Driven Acoustic-optics and Broadband Non-reciprocity in Silicon Photonics” was published in Nature Photonics in 2021. (Photo by Randy Montoya)



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