Sandia Labs FY21 LDRD Annual Report


Professional Society and Conference Awards Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Achievement Awards

Laura Biedermann , a Sandia physicist, received a 2021 SWE Spark Award for her mentoring work in co-founding the Principal Investigator Workshop in 2013 and co- creating Sandia’s Peer Mentoring Steering Committee in 2016. Biedermann evaluates electrical conduction mechanisms in novel materials, investigates interactions between X-rays and materials, and conducts material aging and reliability studies, and she led projects across eight LDRD investment areas. Biedermann stated, “It is very important to not only have a strong technical depth in your field, but also to be exposed to the breadth of research and mission work at Sandia.” Photo by Lonnie Anderson Annie Dallman , a Sandia mechanical engineer, received a 2021 SWE Distinguished New Engineer Award for her outstanding technical performance and contributions to several fields, and her leadership in SWE. She joined Sandia as a postdoctoral researcher in renewable energy and has applied her expertise in modeling and simulation, fluid dynamics and data analysis to other areas such as nuclear nonproliferation. Dallman, who has worked in a variety of research areas at Sandia, has acted as PI for several LDRD projects. Photo by Lonnie Anderson LaRico Treadwell is a chemist at the Advanced Materials Laboratory, who has led multiple LDRD projects at Sandia. His work covers the materials science spectrum, from basic materials discovery and characterization through applied materials reliability and device fabrication for a wide range of applications, including radiation, ultra-high-temperature systems, non-linear optics and thermo-electrics. His research advances science frontiers in chemistry, engineering, materials, and component reliability. Black Engineer of the Year (BEYA): Modern Day Technology Leader Award Uzoma Onunkwo , an electrical and computer engineer, leads efforts in cutting-edge research and development spanning high-speed data analytics, streaming machine learning, large-scale wireless network simulation and quantum information science. His work in multithreaded coding, data structure and algorithms, queue management and compiler optimization accelerated new analytics on high-speed streaming data while protecting government computer networks. He has achieved notable success as a PI in several LDRD areas.

Black Engineer of the Year (BEYA): Most Promising Scientist — Professional Award



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