Sandia National Labs FY20 LDRD Annual Report


development of improved therapeutic candidates, next-generation testing platforms, and understanding viral transport and fate in the environment. Approximately $4M more supported longer-term LDRD research in COVID-19-related challenges. The limited project duration ensured the results would make an impact, and by partnering with local hospitals, medical industry, and other national laboratories, Sandia assured viability, adoption, and deployment. MISSION IMPACT: To summarize just a few LDRD COVID-19 impacts: • To help local hospitals with ventilator shortages, Sandia converted respiratory machines into machines that can be used as ventilators to help treat patients with severe cases of COVID-19. • A Sandia Materials Science LDRD team evaluated 2,000,000 design combinations for face coverings and shields and provided methods to make quick to market face coverings and face shields using commonly available materials.

• A Bioscience LDRD team started creating a deployable antiviral countermeasure using CRISPR-based technology. This project is continuing through funding provided by the DoD’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The technology developed will be able to respond to many different viruses, including coronavirus. • Sandia LDRD researchers assessed the viability of using gamma radiation for sterilizing used personal protective equipment (PPE) to address the national shortage of PPE. The project is continuing through DOE Office of Science and supports gamma sterilization of Coca Cola preforms for use in COVID-19 test kits. In cases where Sandia’s COVID-19 work tightly aligns with current LDRD investment areas and strategic priorities, the research will continue.

Exceptional service in the national interest.



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