Sandia National Labs FY20 LDRD Annual Report


BIOSCIENCE • COVID-19 infection prevention through natural product molecules (PI: Cody Corbin) • Rapid assessment for COVID-19 (PI: Susan Caskey) • Testing a novel peptide drug to treat COVID-19 (PI: Raga Krishnakumar) • Betacoronavirus sequence server (PI: Kelly Williams) • Handheld biosensor for COVID-19 screening (PI: Darren Branch) • Development of novel medical countermeasures against COVID-19 (PI: Brooke Harmon) • Pre-symptomatic COVID-19 screening (PI: Ronen Polsky) • Computational modeling to adapt neutralizing antibody (PI: Mike Kent) • COVID-19 prognostics based on RNA profiles of patient specimens (PI: Steve Branda) • Efficacy and delivery of Novel Facile Accelerated Specific Therapeutics agents for coronaviruses (PI: Colleen Courtney) COMPUTING & INFORMATION SCIENCES • Rapid response data science (PI: Travis Bauer) • Modeling for epidemiology (PI: Patrick Finley) • Dynamic modeling value of rapid screening (PI: Robert Frederic Jeffers) • Forecasting COVID-19 (PI: Cosmin Safta) • Detect misinformation campaigns (PI: Monear Makvandi) • Robust estimation of transmission parameters for COVID-19 policy planning (PI: Carl Laird) • Quantified pandemics decision making with Partially Observed Markov Decision Processes (PI: Alex Outkin) • Contact network modeling to inform return- to-work decisions (PI: Walt Beyeler) EARTH SCIENCE • Big-data-driven geo-spatiotemporal correlation between precursor pollen and influenza: Implication to the novel coronavirus outbreak (PI: Yifeng Wang) COVID-19 LDRD PROJECTS

ENGINEERING SCIENCE • Bioparticle transmission (PI: Stefan Domino) • Computational fluid dynamics modeling safe separation distances (PI: Cliff Ho) • Science-based understanding of PPE degradation after sterilization for reuse (PI: Anne Grillet) • Direct Simulation Monte Carlo method for COVID-19 prediction (PI: Jose Pacheco) • Aerosol transport through masks (PI: Martin Nemer) MATERIALS SCIENCE • PPE pipeline (PI: Grant Rossman) • Supercritical CO 2 for PPE (PI: Jeff Koplow) • Spray-on active layer (PI: Mat Celina) • Boronic acid-functionalized polymer (PI: Brad Jones) • Carboxylic acids as sanitizers (PI: Patrick D. Burton) • Self-cleaning coatings (PI: Cody Corbin) • CPAP ventilators for COVID-19 by modification of CPAP equipment (PI: Ryan Haggerty) • Addressing corrosion concerns with the DF-200 decontamination chemistry for use on military infrastructure (PI: Michael Melia) NANODEVICES & MICROSYSTEMS • Catalytic materials for SAR-COV-2 (PI: Robin Jacobs-Gedrim) RADIATION EFFECTS & HIGH ENERGY DENSITY SCIENCE • Gamma Irradiation Facility sterilization (PI: Paul Thelen)



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