Sandia National Labs FY20 LDRD Annual Report


Explosive challenge: Revolutionizing spatial and temporal blast characterization. Numerous defense and national security challenges require accurate prediction of the hazardous fragments and fireballs produced by large explosive devices. Prior to this work, the pace of model development was hindered by the limited data measurable during full-scale, outdoor testing. To accelerate these efforts, an LDRD team demonstrated benchtop-scale explosive devices, which replicate the fragment and fireball dynamics while greatly reducing per-shot costs. This enabled the first successful demonstration of many advanced laser and imaging diagnostics within post-detonation environments. Insights revealed by the new high-fidelity experimental data led to several subsequent model improvements. These successes inspired a follow-on Grand Challenge LDRD that brings together over 30 Sandia staff with faculty from four preeminent U.S. universities. Grand Challenge efforts will attempt to closely couple the multiscale experimental philosophy developed at Sandia, with advanced modeling and simulation to revolutionize R&D pathways for the prediction of post- detonation environments. (PI: Daniel Robert Guildenbecher)

Accelerating rapid-turnaround benchtop-scale explosive testing through development of laser and imaging diagnostics for post-detonation environments.



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