Sandia National Labs FY20 LDRD Annual Report


Autonomous sensor tasking and scheduling across multiple platforms. This LDRD project investigated the use of multiple distributed sensors to enable autonomous execution of collaborative, multiplatform intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. The innovative auction framework involved the use of low-bandwidth communication and rigorous optimization of mission utility measures to provide a flexible, robust capability for autonomous multiplatform ISR in dynamic environments. Developed techniques were recently incorporated into Air Force and Navy efforts to autonomously detect and track mobile threats using distributed collections of mobile sensors, and also to support simultaneous execution of multiple ISR missions with distributed, federated collections of platforms and sensors. The work through this LDRD, done collaboratively with Purdue University, has yielded new technologies enabling development of emerging autonomous systems that provide important new warfighter capabilities. (PI: John Richards)

Autonomous collaborative intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance mission execution through auction framework and rigorous optimization of sensing utility.

New Counter-Unmanned Aerial System radio frequency techniques bring agility in protection applications. Sandia developed new semi-autonomous methods for rapid prototyping of software-defined radio frequency counter-unmanned aerial system technology. The technique brings agility beyond current static library-based effects and reduces the amount of skilled operator input

required for development of defeat capabilities. This is a significant advancement in the Counter-Unmanned Systems RF effect domain and enhances posture for these capabilities to be leveraged for critical asset/ force protection applications. (PI: Jacob Alan Gilbert)

Metadata-aided RF system detector for bandwidth-constrained cooperative sensing and RF situational awareness.



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