Sandia National Labs FY20 LDRD Annual Report


Josh Rackers and Thomas Hardin – FY20 Truman Fellows Josh Rackers is a computational biophysicist designing new models for describing molecular dynamics in biological systems. Prior to joining Sandia, he earned a doctorate from Washington University in St. Louis. He has insights on modeling important classes of soft materials at the atomic scale with high accuracy, which will extend the methods Sandia uses for modeling other kinds of materials. He plans to use computer simulations to understand how ion channels work. Thomas James Hardin is a materials scientist with expertise in the molecular dynamics of glass. He comes to Sandia from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where, in the process of completing his thesis, he discovered how little is understood about the structure and properties of glassy materials on the nanoscale. His three-year assignment focuses on filling in those gaps by systematically enumerating the fundamental structural building blocks of glassy materials. Most Promising Asian-American Engineer of the Year Bo Song , Sandia mechanical engineer, was recognized as a 2020 Asian- American Engineer of the Year by the national DiscoverE Program for his groundbreaking work in experimental impact mechanics and the dynamic response of materials and structures. Song developed the Experimental Impact Mechanics Lab, the most active dynamic material test facility at Sandia and one of the top Hopkinson bar labs in the world. Black Engineer of the Year (BEYA): Most Promising Scientist in Government Award LaRico Treadwell received the Most Promising Scientist in Government Award at the BEYA STEM Virtual Global Competitiveness Conference. This conference acknowledges Black leaders for their incredible contributions in STEM. Treadwell is currently an LDRD PI for the Materials Science and Radiation, Electrical & High Energy Density Science research areas.

Professional Society and Conference Awards



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