Sandia National Labs FY20 LDRD Annual Report


Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers Professional Achievement Award Tian J. Ma , computer scientist, engineer and dedicated LDRD researcher, received the prestigious Professional Achievement Award by the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE). SASE’s 2020 Professional Achievement Award is given to mid-career professionals who have made significant discoveries and important advances in their chosen career paths and are acknowledged as leaders of large initiatives. Ma was nominated by James Peery, Sandia Labs Director. In 2020, SASE also named Sandia Labs as Organization of the Year in the government category.

Laser Focus World 2020 Innovators Award – Optics Platinum-Level Honoree MIRaGE: Multiscale Inverse Rapid Group-theory for Engineered-metamaterials (MIRaGE) uses scientific knowledge developed from molecular spectroscopy on how the symmetry of a natural molecule affects its optical behavior and properties to design a metamaterial with comparable properties. By making the comparisons that molecules in chemistry are analogous to metamolecules in electromagnetics and that molecular modes of vibration are analogous to the fundamental resonant electrical current modes in a metamaterial, the principles of symmetry and point groups can be translated to electromagnetics. Serving as a basis for metamaterials design, MIRaGE facilitates the quest for unusual electromagnetic behaviors that can be associated with optical properties. MIRaGE has its roots in a metamaterials science and technology Grand Challenge LDRD project. (PI: Ihab El-Kady; team members: Charles Reinke, Denis Ridzal, Bart van Bloemen Waanders, David Fitzpatrick, Mehmet Fatih Su, Ryan Chilton, Tony Wilson) Watch the YouTube video.

Brimacombe Medal Award Brad Boyce , materials scientist, received the Brimacombe Medal from the Minerals, Metals & Materials (TMS) Professional Society in 2020 for sustained excellence and achievement related to minerals, metals, or materials science and engineering. Boyce is currently leading an LDRD project that employs both computational optimization and experimental validation to create novel architected metamaterials that can be tailored to mitigate a complex combination of insult environments.



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