Sandia National Labs NM Partnerships Collaboration Report 2021-2022

What would it be like as an undergraduate or graduate student to work alongside some of the world’s leading experts in nanoscience? Approximately a dozen interns from across partner universities can answer that question after participating in the 2021 Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT) Summer Research Program. In this collaborative, multidisciplinary environment, interns at the Department of Energy funded facility received hands-on experience for eight weeks in areas that explore the path from scientific discovery to the integration of nanostructures into the micro- and macro-worlds. CINT is co-located with Sandia, so students who participate get a sense of just how large Sandia’s campus is and understand the dynamics of working at a national lab that’s a hub of innovation for the nation. Nicole Person, who was a Materials Science & Engineering undergraduate student from Texas A&M University at the time of her internship, said she gained valuable experience from participating in the 2021 program. “I wasn’t completing random technical tasks with no bigger meaning; I was able to sit down with internal and external mentors, understand the specific problem, and then be a part of the discussion on how to best solve the problem. ” During her internship, Nicole said she felt like a “real” scientist in the sense that she was treated and trained like a valuable member of the team and not just some college kid brought on for the summer. She noted, “The lab and public speaking experiences I gained were also extremely helpful for my college career, and I find myself less nervous to do certain tasks because I’ve already done something similar at CINT.” Summer interns learn about the small world at CINT

Electrical engineering students Alyssa Bradshaw, Adia Radecka, and Javi Cardenas conducted experiments at Grainger College of Engineering at Illinois to identify biomaterials that could make effective robotic actuators for implantable medical devices.

Nicole Person conducts experiments for her senior capstone design project.


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