Sandia National Labs NM Partnerships Collaboration Report 2021-2022

Each university participant in 2021 was highlighted at a symposium where they presented their summer research, and the same is true for 2022 interns who were solicited for broad topics including quantum, nanophotonics, optical nanomaterials, and nanomechanics research. Two undergraduate engineering students at Grainger College of Engineering at Illinois, Alyssa Bradshaw and Adia Radecka, received summer internship positions at CINT in 2021 as a part of a collaborative research project between Illinois and Sandia. The students

presented at the IEEE Robosoft Conference on their work developing robotic actuators, robotic actuators, and how they expanded on their research at Sandia through the use of new tools for characterization and fabrication. “Neither one of us realized that so much good can come out of presenting at conferences,” said Radecka on the opportunity to develop their electrical engineering device fabrication skills at CINT.

The CINT summer research program interns from 2021 pause outside of the CINT facility.


2021-2022 Collaboration Report

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