Sandia National Labs NM Partnerships Collaboration Report 2021-2022


Buliding an innovation pipeline though partnerships The Value of Sandia’s Academic Programs & University Partnerships Network

University partnerships play an essential role in sustaining Sandia’s vitality as a national laboratory, and the Sandia University Partnerships Network (SUPN), an element of Sandia’s Academic Programs, facilitates recruiting and research & development collaborations with dozens of universities annually. The Academic Programs umbrella encompasses SUPN, the Faculty Loan Program for Joint Appointments, and the Postdoctoral Research Program Office. The largest branch of Academic Programs is SUPN, which establishes and cultivates strategic academic partnerships that are mutually beneficial. The focused set of schools in the university partnerships network

have expertise complementary to that of Sandia and can help amplify access to a diverse and innovative talent pipeline. In concert, Sandia can accelerate technology transfer via partnerships, increase the potential for partnership impact, provide joint funding to seed strategic research, and enable opportunities for advisory board memberships, faculty sabbaticals, and the exchange of staff, faculty, students, and postdoctoral appointees. In addition to engagement with university leadership and faculty, SUPN strives to establish and sustain strategic research partnerships by establishing and supporting federally sponsored collaborations and multi-institutional consortiums


Academic Programs

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