Sandia_Natl_Labs_FY19_LDRD_Annual_SAND2020-3752 R_2_S


Realistic emulation of automated synthetic biology facilities to prevent risk of unintended manufacture. Sandia researchers are working with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and collaborators at LLNL to help protect the global bioeconomy and prevent bioweapons manufacture. Current protections against the manufacture of malicious biological material require DNA and RNA synthesis companies to ensure that the sequences that they produce cannot be used for harm. Sandia is using its Emulytics™ simulation, assessment, and modeling platform to provide a safe and secure environment to assess performance and provide data security assurance. For example, to the team’s knowledge, this is the first time that a realistic emulation of synthetic biology lab computer systems was constructed with the goal of yielding insights and associated security recommendations that can be considered for adoption by the synthetic biology community. This work extends Sandia’s previous engagements with the DHS and the National Institute of Standards and Technology to provide safe assessments of software and database security and reliability in digital biosecurity.



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