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2019 R&D 100 Awards Sandia won four R&D 100 awards in 2019, three of which were enabled in part by LDRD projects. The R&D 100 Awards are one of the most prestigious recognitions of innovation in the world. Since 1976, Sandia has earned 134 awards.

CHIRP: Cloud Hypervisor Forensics and Incident Response Platform. Researchers at Sandia have developed a scalable virtual machine instrumentation and introspection capability that transparently extracts data from cloud infrastructure at an in-depth level. The Cloud

Hypervisor Forensics and Incident Response Platform (CHIRP) provides analysts the ability to collect forensics artifacts and evidence as well as incident response materials in real-time without disturbing the user environment. This project has its roots in the Instrumentation Infrastructure for Cyber Emulations LDRD Grand Challenge. YouTube .

High-Performance Nanoantenna Enabled Detectors.

Researchers at Sandia have developed High-Performance Nanoantenna Enabled Detectors, which will allow for enormous advancements over the current state of the art using an architec- ture that is independent of detector material and wavelength band. In addition to dramatically improving image quality, this

architecture allows for entirely new detector concepts unrealizable with existing technology. This project had its roots in the Smart Sensor Technologies LDRD Grand Challenge. YouTube .



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