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Multiscale Inverse Rapid Group-theory for Engineered-metamaterials. This project, discussed in more depth in the “Technical vitality and frontiers of S&T” section of this report, has its root in the Metamaterial Science and Technology LDRD Grand Challenge. YouTube .

Special Recognition: Market Disruptor R&D 100 Award BRONZE: Stable Nanocrystalline Metal Alloy Coatings with Ultra-Low Wear, PI Nicolas Argibay. Building on data from an earlier LDRD project, Sandia researchers developed a platinum-based alloy that is extremely wear-resistant, using a technique called grain boundary segregation to create highly stable nanocrystallinity of a minority constituent — in this case, gold. YouTube .

Federal Consortium Awards Sandia won four regional awards from the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) for its work in developing and commercializing innovative technologies. The FLC Awards are considered some of the most prestigious honors in technology transfer. These new Sandia technologies and partnerships showcase the Labs’ talented workforce. LDRD played a critical role in two of these awards. • The Labs’ 25-year partnership with The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., which produced many successful projects and advances for the tire industry and the Labs. • Advances in the science of scintillators — objects that detect radiation — through the development of organic glass.



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